Haiku Syllable Counter / 俳句音節カウンタ

What is Haiku With Teeth? (歯と俳句) you ask?. Haiku With Teeth is a syllable counter for those who don't want to use their fingers. :) Well lets start with what is Haiku? Haiku is an ancient Japanese form of poetry written in three phases of 17 syllables. The first phrase has five syllables the second has seven syllables and the third again has five syllables. Traditionally the subject of a haiku was nature. Haiku with teeth syllable counter doesn't check to see if you're writing about nature... frankly only the most advanced serch engines can do that... plus how fun is it to write about rocks and air and trees when you can write haikus about your friends, parents, teachers, bosses & coworkers? Please use Haiku With Teeth responsibly.

Last Updated 6/7/2014 added new words.